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Minecraft Server List

Rank Name Server Players Status
1 BulbaCraft


Looking for a friendly and active server network? Come join the amazing community at BulbaCraft! We provide a dedicated, high quality minecraft gaming experience.

92/1000 online
2 Pixelmon Adventures


Official Pixelmon Generations server for 1.12.2 - Always Latest Pixelmon Generations version

42/100 online
3 Pixelmon Eclipse


Pixelmon Server with Events, NPC Gyms, Player Gyms, Quests, Custom Plugins, Custom Buildings, and more!

57/150 online
4 PokeIndustry


10/100 online
5 Pixelmon Prime


Includes custom builds, events, gyms, and a friendly community! Join today!

3/1000 online
6 PokeMayhem


PokeMayhem provides the most unique pixelmon experiences over our 3 main servers!

116/500 online
7 PokePoke


Looking for a fun and relaxing Pixelmon experience? We’re a brand new server filled with fun quests and things to do!

0/100 online
8 Poke Meadows


Welcome back Pixelmoners and welcome to Poke Meadows!

22/300 online
9 PokeSkies


PokeSkies was made by a large team of players looking to have fun on Pixelmon! The servers full of gyms, pokestops, events, and more! Join now!

6/100 online
10 Realism Town


We are no grief and no pvp semi-vanilla survival server with a brand new map. We are a friendly survival server that being focus on a strong community. Come to play with friends!

4/80 online